With 3R Software Solutions systems, our expert software: Modern Retailer, has been designed so it can flawlessly communicate with multiple kitchen printers. This enhances kitchen efficiencies, order accuracy, and helps to keep errors to a minimum while keeping customer satisfaction high. All orders that are processed go through the software, improving inventory management and notifying you when stock is running low.

Our EPOS Software for restuarants also allows you to set up recipes to help improve stock control of ingredients to give you in depth knowledge of what stock has been sold and where profit is made. All orders processed go through the software which improves inventory management and notifies you when stock is running low. You can maximise profits with the software’s fast accurate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

When taking orders, they can be stored to a table. Once stored, they can then be transferred to different tables and specific bills can be printed using that table. Phone orders can also be made and can be held until the customer comes; enabling you to easily keep track of customers helping you organise your business.