Technical Support

3R Software Solutions has a dedicated technical support team to help you realise the full potential of your till, minimise costly downtime and support users. Our technical staff are very knowledgeable in all things EPoS and pride themselves on delivering a friendly and professional experience. The team is based in the UK.

The technical team is responsible for till configuration, customisation and user training. Configuration can take place before the till is delivered, based on a completed survey of options and products required. It is also available remotely via Team Viewer, which gives us full access to your till upon request (and authorisation). Customisation such as UI design can also be performed off-site depending on how much information is provided beforehand. User training, walk-throughs and workshops can be provided at your convenience and is included as part of your support agreement.

Critical support issues whereby the system is not working can be handled remotely by our technical support team as long as the system is still online. This is part of the support agreement and is there to offer peace-of-mind when using your till to minimise revenue loss.

To ensure the calls handled by our technical team are the best in the industry, 3R Software Solutions has the following SLA’s in place:

Depending on the call severity, the following table outlines our response times

SeverityType of IssueTarget Response Time
1System offline/not startingWithin 1 hour
2Printer/scanner problems, transaction failures,
general OS warnings/errors
Within 4 hours

System slow/unresponsive, training related queries,
producing a report

By the close of the next working day

Feature requests

Within 48 Hours
  • A unique support ticket number so issues can be tracked. This number will be used in all correspondence until the case can be closed

  • Updates of  changes to the status of the case

  • An escalation process when management is required

The process for logging calls is simple but we require the following information before calling:

  • Your unique account number

  • Your name (for future contact and call-backs)

  • An email address or telephone number depending on your preference and the call severity

  • Call severity

  • A description of what the problem is. For bugs to be resolved, please provide steps to reproduce.